Pet Services

We liaise with the established kennels in Dubai and the recently opened kennels in Abu Dhabi to make sure your pet has the best of care in your absence.
Cat boarding
is available in our air conditioned units, here at the BVC in Khalidya, Abu Dhabi.
Dog boarding is also easily arranged. Just call us and we will organise your dog's stay in any of the BVC approved kennels in the UAE. Transport to the Abu Dhabi kennels is free of charge for BVC pets.

Let us know if your pet wants a simple trim or a short hair cut. We do these daily and there is no better way to help your pet stay stylish and cool !

A tiny (rice grain size) glass chip is placed in the same way as a simple vaccine. The procedure is well tolerated by most pets and sedation is not required. Microchips can be placed at the same time as routine vaccines or other procedures, or you can make a special appointment.

- Travel to countries where chips are mandatory
- Rapid rehoming of stray or lost pets
- Register with World Pet Register 
- Qualify for insurance at BVC
- New chips can read your pet's temperature!

Food Supplies
We supply a range of high quality specialist foods for nutrition of healthy pets. Prescription diets are also available as important parts of treatment regimes in a range of disease situations. Iam's, Eukanuba and Hill's are our main food lines but we can order other types if your pet has a special preference or requirement.