Reduced Fee dentistry - offer continues this month !

Are fees making you feel washed out? At the BVC we aim to provide the best service for your pet. Our fees compare well with specialist companion animal practices in the Western World but we have some strategies for making payment easier if necessary.
Pay Plan

1) All procedures are explained and prices quoted in advance. Once a planned treatment is agreed, the owner will be asked to sign a consent form giving the veterinary surgeon permission to continue. No elective procedure will be performed without a full explanation of expected charges and the owner's consent. You will not receive an unexpected bill.

2) Alternative options that may be acceptable and within budget, if not state-of-the-art, will be offered where the "textbook best" option is unaffordable.

3) Our accounting system rewards you as we get to know you and your pets. If you have spent even a modest amount, for example had one or more of your pets vaccinated with us in the last twelve months, you will qualify for discounts. The more work that is done at the British Veterinary Centre under your account name, the more discount you will receive.

4) We also have a special Pay Plan scheme where predictable preventive measures can be paid in small monthly instalments. Members of this scheme get vaccines, two routine health checks per year including flea control and deworming, free of further charge. In addition, if your pet needs treatment beyond the routine preventive measures covered in the scheme, this will be done at 20% discount from normal price. (Animals in this scheme must be microchipped for identification purposes)

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to fund necessary treatment for pets with an emphasis on preventive medicine, but with the full ability to treat disease and injury to the highest standards when necessary. The fees you pay are reinvested in our staff and equipment in order for us to continue providing the best specialised companion animal veterinary service in the Middle East.