The BVC provides an email consultancy service where clients can discuss their pet's case with an expert. The service is not a substitute for a veterinary visit - no one is better placed to provide opinions than your local vet who has examined your pet - however, many people like to contact us for further explanation and information. We can provide advice and direction to various information sources that help you understand what your vet might do and why. If you would like to use this service please email us at: info@britvet.ae

Please provide as much detail about the case as you can, including the age, sex and breed of your pet, a good description of the problem, when it started, how it has progressed, what has been advised by vets so far, and digital photographs if you think these might be helpful. You will receive a reply within one working day.
This service incurs a charge of Dh95 for the first communication and Dh50 for follow up communications relating to the same problem within one month. Payments for online consultations can be made by credit card details faxed to + 971 2 6650014.

Please note that data found here and on email consultations are not substitutes for proper examinations by a veterinary surgeon. If you have a sick pet, please call us to arrange a consultation.