Our Facility

The team at The British Veterinary Centre is dedicated to providing pets in the United Arab Emirates with the very best of veterinary care and is the best-equipped companion animal practice in the Middle East. We specialise in companion animal medicine and surgery and have special interests in orthopaedics, diagnostic imaging and exotic species.

Our transport section is part of IPATA, the Independent Pet and Animal Transport Association and handles pet travel arrangements to and from the United Arab Emirates.

Basic and advanced dog training is available (which includes training the owners!). Pet behaviour is sometimes of concern and we offer professional behavioural assessments and treatment plans for a wide range of dog and cat behaviour problems. We give extra attention to new puppies to reduce the chances of behavioural problems developing in the first place, and puppy-training classes are run regularly with options for individual sessions if required.

The range and quality of services offered at the British Veterinary Centre is second to none in the Middle East and ensures that your pet is properly cared for throughout his stay in the United Arab Emirates.